Monday, 26 April 2010

Stairwell Submission Statement
Although the stairwell is in a different city, and I haven't climbed it in person, it is strangely familiar. Not the layout, but the structure, and the plain and blank surfaces, reguarded only because they exists and fill space and block out further view. Visually considered 'modern and souless'.
There is a dwelling atmosphere of an urban stairwell. It has two functions; to allow traversing up and down from A to B, and for lingering, loitering, hanging around, nobody knows. 'Personal experiences'.
For my submission I want to transform the atmosphere of the stairwell so that the experience of walking through is not only reguarded but noted and remembered, and distinct from the banality of the norm.
There is a sanctity about light, and in particular candles. Their presence, when lit, changes the atmosphere of a place or room. They are silent, delicately self-sufficient, they throw animated shadows, and create a focus. They remind us of places of worship, death, maybe romance.
They make me feel penseive and regard my immediate surroundings.
The act of lighting a candle in itself is solemn and hallowing.
I want to place the candles on either side of every step and evenly spaced out against the walls which connect the stairs. The experience of walking through will be be affected by a shift in light and the presence of an object which does not 'belong' there. On the one hand I want to enhance the experience of the stairwell so that it is considered, but also highlight the lonely and desolate nature of it as it stands, with the sun rising and falling on it like everything else, and merely existing as a concrete route, go-between, middle point, shelter.

Friday, 23 April 2010